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We are no better than the therapist that is onsite with you.  That's why we employ only highly skilled practitioners that are dedicated to therapeutic and palliative care. They are reliable, kind and professional.


Matt Kelly

Owner & Therapist

Matt Kelly, the owner, started FCM in 2006 to use his knowledge of manual therapy to help people find relief from stress and pain. In addition to over 1200 hours of specialized training in Manual and Medical Massage Therapy from Blue Heron Academy, Matt has studied anatomy, physiology, pathology and rehabilitation sciences in order to understand and treat chronic and acute musculoskeletal and vascular conditions.He is particularly trained to recognize postural, occupational, ergonomic and mechanical causes of chronic pain, repetitive strain, and muscle spasm.

In addition to his therapeutic training, Matt has a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources. This means his practice is keenly focused on the needs of businesses and the need for robust, yet easy-to-use, scheduling, reporting and payment tools.

Meet our Team

Robin Clinton pic

Robin Clinton


Robin graduated from Health Enrichment Center in Lapeer, Mi in 1994 with an interest in working with injury rehab, particularly equestrian injuries.

She has additional training mostly focused on injury rehab, return of mobility, and pain reduction, working with professional athletes for pre and post surgery work and general mobility issues. She has spent several years working with physical therapy, chiropractic, and hospice.
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Mike Van Eerden


Mike is a licensed medical massage and manual therapist, graduated from Blue Heron Academy in 2016. He is dedicated to the service of increasing well-being and a greater sense of ease for his clients.


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